Canahahns Property Management Company

Canahahns Company Limited is a family-owned entrepreneurial company that invests in, develops and manages real estate.  We are a full service investment and property management company with over 45 years of experience in the multi residential markets.

We are committed to providing exceptional value to our customers and stakeholders through sound management practices and attention to services, while keeping a keen sense of the built environment.

We believe in and strive for fair and ethical practices in all our interactions with tenants, employees, business partners and the broader community.

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What We Offer

On Site Staffing

All of Canahahns Company Limited managed properties employ staff that reside on site.  

Although staff do maintain regular daytime working hours, we recognize the importance of around the clock availability for emergency purposes.

Acquisition and Development

Canahahns Company Limited reviews and investigates various projects and properties with the intention of growing our portfolio through acquisitions or new development.

Industry Associations

Canahahns Company Limited is a member of the Certified Rental Building program, Federation of Rental Properties of Ontario and the Greater Toronto Apartment Association.

Over 45 Years Experience

With over 45 years of industry experience Canahahns Company Limited has the experience and expertise of managing multi residential apartment buildings.

The Environment

Canahahns Company Limited aims to operate in an environmentally responsible manner in order to reduce the impact of our business activities on the environment. 

By encouraging sustainable and environmentally friendly practices with our employees, residents and contractors, we can help achieve the continued enjoyment of the environment around us for future generations.

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